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Attendance Tracker

The Paradigm Changes - A Modern Attendance Tracking System For SumTotal.

  • No Proprietary  Hardware necessary!
  • Easy to use
  • Solves today's problems
  • Can have multiple scanners running concurrently for the same class
  • Works on any web browser with a camera
  • Does not require software be installed
  • Only requires a small amount of SumTotal configuration

Buy today have it running tomorrow!

The attendance tracker is a modern badge reader that doesn't require a badge reader.  The ISCHAMP Attendance Tracker Uniquely provides a QR code to each learner for their course,  as well as allows for user ID lookup or username lookup.

We set out to fix the problems with badge readers.   Frequently badges are set up for specific buildings by a landlord, separate purchasing or security departments resulting in many different types of badges and formats. Some badges maybe barcodes, magnetic strip, Proxima cards, RFID cards, or just plain name badges.  Additionally, your work at home team may not be issued badges, or you want a customer to attend. All of these items can wreak havoc for those taking attendance. As each of the badge types may require a different kind of badge reader. Let alone the fact that you have to transport the reader mechanism with you to the location which makes this a costly and sometimes difficult to maintain the actual location of the badge readers.

Our solution is different.  We provide the scannable code that can you printed off or displayed on a  smartphone. We utilize SumTotal to assign a QR code to login the attendees.  The attendance tracker can identify the registered learners for the course and who is not. The coordinator can decide whether or not to allow the learner in while the Attendance Tracker adds them to the roster without additional intervention within SumTotal.

Best of all, you can utilize multiple readers for large events, and those readers can be almost anything with a browser and a camera, for example, a PC with a webcam,  an iPhone, an Android device, an iPad, and others.

As you can see, this makes this system versatile so that you can use in any classroom or at any event that has internet access.   You are not limited to the five badge readers you have! If you were lucky enough to have that many badge readers. You don't need to track inventory of badge readers which classrooms are going to use them at and make sure they get returned.  Moreover, if your Security Team ever decides to change badge readers, you don't need to change out your hardware and reprogram your badge reader system. Our system consistently works the same way. So don't worry about all your problems of keeping track of the location of your badge reader, what the current badge technology might be, or the differing badge systems utilized by your users.    

Easy To Use

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