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The Paradigm Changes - A Bulk ID Change Tool For SumTotal.


ARRRGGH!   You have just informed your IT department is going going to change all 27,000  of your users’ IDs to have a new format. The change is going to happen next 6 days what are you going to do?

Last week we had five people get married and they have changed their last names from they're given name to their married name.

Additionally, how do you keep your HR feed for reverting the names once you change them? in reality what you want to do is synchronize the change with your HR feed so that you don't have to worried about  HR system reverting your manual changes back to the old id or creating a new one.

With is ISRenamer this task becomes easy because you synchronize the change with your IT department’s change,  end of story.

Whether it’s a name change, a change of ID structure, or merger and acquisition activity, there are times when you need to change a users ID.  While you can change a few through the user interface,  how do you handle 50, 100, 1000, 10,000+, The ISRenamer allows you to rename the ID using our utility by a simple map from the old ID to the new ID. 

Our system takes in a simple Excel spreadsheet with the old id and the new ID then ISRenamer makes the change on demand.  

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